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About us?

Tamauz Center For Hijamah

Officially licensed by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the Ministry of Health…

Our center is proud to offer a wide range of hijamah services, whether preventive or curative, that are suitable for both sexes, males and females, whether young or old. Where our specialized team has extensive experience in the field of correct professional medical hijamah.

From our first day, our ultimate goal was to become the most trusted health destination in the practice of hijamah in the Kingdom, by focusing on the holistic concept of medical hijamah practice through taking care of the body, mind and spirit.

Center facilities

Women clinic

VIP clinic

Men clinic



Therapeutic Hijamah

The role of preventive and curative hijamah comes as a safe and useful medical practice to help treat many chronic conditions and reduce the need for drugs and remove their toxicity in some cases.


freshness hijamah

Women love to take care of themselves and their beauty, and focus on showing the features of their femininity and the freshness of their skin using various methods, and because we care about you, we seek to provide safe techniques through fresh hijamah.


hijamah Sunnah

It is what was reported on the authority of Anas bin Malik that the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “Whoever wants hijamah, let him act on the seventeenth, nineteenth, or twenty-first, and let not one of you turn blood, so that he may be killed.” Narrated by Ibn Majah in his Sunnah.


Sports hijamah

Athletes resort to hijamah therapy to relieve stress and pain, to help them recover from the muscular efforts they make during training and competitions, and to raise the level of physical and psychological rehabilitation before competitions.


Preventive hijamah

The newly prevailing global medical trend focuses on preventive medicine as one of the basic branches of medicine that aims to anticipate and prevent diseases before they occur, and aims to raise the health level of groups before individuals.


Medical examination

A specialized and highly experienced team performs medical examination, disease assessment, response capacity to treatment, and determination of the required sessions that the patient needs.

Center Team

Ms. Dr. Suzan Abdel Samad

General Practitioner - hijamah Specialist

Ms. Nabila Ahmed

General Manager
Experience of more than 25 years

Mr. Dr. Tariq Al Muzaini

hijamah specialist

Customer Reviews

Mashallah, may God bless the best cupping centers.

You can visit us. To be safe, I went and I was very afraid, but the doctor’s words, her style and her hand were very light, and the fear was gone. The date.. I always wish them the best and the owner of the project really deserves all the thanks and God bless her and make them branches, Lord

Alshreef Esraa

The center is clean, of high quality, and the treatment of the staff is very elegant

They have a doctor for whom I worked with therapeutic cupping and massage, and his work was excellent and his hand was light. I would advise Everyone has experienced it and gives you instructions that benefit your condition

Mohammed Aljawah

The center is very clean and the treatment starting from the reception

To Umm Othman and the doctor, very wonderful and smooth Mashallah the doctor has a light and comfortable hand and a nice style ❤️ I hope the level is preferred for what it is 👍🏽🏽

روان عبدالسلام

Mashallah, the cupping is amazing and crazy

Mashallah, the cupping is amazing and crazy, and you treat them very nicely. I just went there 👌👌👌👌👌

شيوم شيوم

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